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Conveyancing is simply the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another. The process generally requires an administrative representative who acts on behalf of the buyer to ensure their client receives the title deeds to the property and the land it sits on. Conveyancing encapsulates the entirety of the legal and administrative work required to confirm a property purchase is valid under Spanish law.

SPE deliver this entire process on your behalf saving you time and money not to mention all the associated stress and hassle. We strongly advise you to instruct legal representation to carry out all the legal and tax due diligence on your property purchase. Outstanding debts and fines may be applicable to the owner of the property if they have not obtained planning permission for alterations.

Services included in our fee of €999

• Notary appointment preparation
• Meeting with the seller’s solicitor
• Land registry check
• Translation at the notary (Foreign Nationals)
• Transfer of all utility contracts

• Fiscal representation for the purchase
• Arrangement of the purchase tax payment
• Arrangements of Notary & Land Registry payments
• Collection of Title Deeds from the Notary
• Registration of the property at Land Registry office

Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE)

The Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE) is a legal requirement and is a unique identification number to enable foreign nationals to conduct tax and legal affairs in Spain, including property ownership.

It is assigned by the Spanish National Police to foreign nationals who do not have Spanish citizenship.

€149 per NIE application

Power of Attorney (POA) - Spain or Overseas

A power of attorney is a mandate in writing which is signed off officially by a public notary. It is executed as a deed by the donor (person authorising the power of attorney) in favour of a third party (attorney). A Spanish power of attorney normally enables the donor broad powers to deal with each specific transaction. As an example, a power of attorney for the purchase of property will often include clauses allowing the attorney to open, close and operate bank accounts, set up direct debits, make payments for the account, arrange utility contracts and payments, pay taxes, submit forms and send and receive notifications to and from different authorities.

A POA is not a legal requirement, however if you are a non-resident and would like to limit your travelling to Spain for processing documentation then your POA can do this on your behalf. There are 2 options to obtain a POA. If you are in Spain, we can organise this through a local notary alternatively this can be arranged through a local notary back in your home country.

€299 (inc. Notary Fees) per Spanish POA

€99 per Overseas POA

Structural Survey

A Structural Survey is a wide-ranging inspection of a property that provides a detailed evaluation of the property’s condition. The survey will list the condition of the property and identify any defects, their apparent cause, the urgency of repair and maintenance options.

Each independent survey will generally include an indication of the potential cost of any repairs. This may result in you deciding not to go forward with the purchase should the structural survey indicate a lot of remedial work is required. Alternatively, you can negotiate with the seller armed with an estimate of the costs and ask them to reduce the selling price. In this example the property owner might accept a reduced offer, as the problems have been independently identified by a qualified structural surveyor.

Price on Application

Spanish Legal Will

During times of bereavement your family and friends can go through an incredible amount of stress and pain. If you own a property in Spain it is highly recommended to make a Spanish will.

This means you could save the beneficiaries of your estate from the time, money and distress that may be involved in administering your estate in Spain.

Your legal will should be executed as soon as you complete your property purchase. SPE will draft and execute your Will to make sure you fully protect your Estate.

Due to the law in Spain, it is not possible to have a joint will, each person will need to have their own individual will.

€149  – Single will

€249 – 2 single wills

Spanish Bank Account

Non-resident clients looking to buy a property in Spain will need to use a Spanish bank account to comply with money laundering regulations..

You will require the following documents in order to do so, NIE number(s), or a copy of your passport(s) and proof of your current main residence.

SPE will help with recommending a bank and the process involved with opening the account.

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