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Spanish Mortgages

Spain has a developed mortgage market with numerous lenders offering a bewildering variety of Spanish mortgages. SPE will look at your personally circumstances and review your requirements with a selection of banks to make sure you work with best in the marketplace. Your residency will determine the maximum loan to value available and your proof of income will be required to confirm affordability.

When applying for a mortgage, there are several documents both your mortgage adviser and your mortgage lender will need to see. These documents confirm who you are and provide proof of your income. Before a mortgage appointment, it is a good idea to have all these documents to hand. This will enable your mortgage adviser to provide mortgage advice based on your exact personal circumstances as quickly as possible.

Mortgage application documentation requirements

Document Self-employed Employed
Passport or National Identity Document (DNI) YES YES
N.I.E. (foreign residents Spanish tax number) YES YES
Last Tax Return (P60 for UK) N/A YES
Tax Declaration 2 years (SA302 for UK) YES N/A
Last 3 Salary Pay Slips N/A YES
Credit Report (Experian for UK) YES YES
Letter from accountant YES N/A
Last 3 month’s bank statements from all accounts (i.e. current, savings or investments) YES YES
Annual Statement of account for the last 2 years (balance sheet, profit and loss account) YES N/A
Contract of employment or letter from your company confirming employment and your income N/A YES
Current mortgage(s) latest statement YES YES
Current property rental agreement YES YES
Proof of other income i.e. rental property, investments etc YES YES

SPE collaborate with a selection of banks and mortgage brokers and offer a free consultation service

Foreign Currency Exchange

Save thousands and obtain the best exchange rate with no transfer charges by using a specialist foreign currency exchange company. Our partners focus on providing you with the tools to maximize money transfers. They monitor the rates on your behalf and work closely with you to ensure transfers are timed perfectly. They recognise the importance of a personal and transparent service.

By providing continuity and consistency of service, they can establish a clear understanding of your requirements to ensure you retain absolute control in getting the best deal. Whether you are converting money on a regular basis or for a property purchase it is always in your interest to use a specialist foreign currency exchange company.

SPE collaborate with a selection of Foreign Currency Exchange specialists and offer a free consultation service


There are a variety of insurances that may be required in Spain such as, Health, Life, Home, Car and Pet insurance, SPE collaborate with several reputable insurance brokers and companies. Let us know your requirements and will organise quotations on your behalf.